I did a shoot for a company that paid a day rate of seven hundred and fifty dollars. So they could have kept me there shooting for up to eight hours. I was lucky and we finished in two hours. So I made seven hundred and fifty dollars for the (2 hour) job, then I got paid residuals based on usage. They used the shot for national advertising and it ran for several months. I negotiated a deal where I would get paid an additional two thousand dollars a month for every month they ran the ads. In this case they ran for six months so I ended up making twelve thousand, seven hundred & fifty dollars for what was only two hours of actual work!

If I did not know how to ask for and negotiate residual and usage fees (and I explain how in the system), I would have missed out on an extra $12,000.00 dollars!

This is why coaching is so important - so you can learn how to be properly represented as well as to know the right questions to ask. This way you can make more money and not get taken advantage of.

Here are some recent checks from my actual modeling bookings:

This was from a modeling job. Only a 2 hour shoot!

At this job, I was booked to dress up as a Las Vegas showgirl for a 2 hour gig on New Year's Eve!

This was a three-day promotional event, each day lasting about 6 hours.

You Can Have A Modeling Career No Matter What You Look Like

In a moment, I am going to tell you the number one time-tested reason most new models fail, but right now I am going to tell you the types of modeling categories you may fit into.

If you are a beautiful, skinny girl you may be perfect for high fashion and runway, but what if you are an average person with nothing more than a passion to make it as a model? You may be perfect for “Commercial” modeling. If you have ever seen the ads in magazines for floor wax, car polish, toothpaste, etc. all of those were professional models.

Or, you might have great looking hands and feet. In that case, you can do great as a “Parts” model. Have you ever seen an ad for a jewelry company? Usually, they are featuring a watch or ring, and all you see is the hand. Believe it or not, someone is getting paid very well to just have a picture taken of their hand!

There are thousands of people who have very successful careers modeling everyday items like toothpaste, floor cleaners, and air fresheners.

Pick up any magazine and look at these kinds of ads - you see them everyday, but you probably never realized that these are people just like you who have become successful, professional models!

The Number One Time-Tested Reason Why Most Beginning Models Fail

Most beginning models believe that if they go to a modeling school or get a modeling diploma, then they have an edge over the competition. This is false! Most agencies will not want to sign someone who just came out of a modeling school because the large majorities of these schools are run by people who have no real-world experience in the modeling world, and they end up teaching you bad habits the agent does not want to take the time to correct.

Most of these so-called modeling schools are nothing more than elaborate scams to take your money by telling you that you need their overpriced classes and photos.

I want to see you succeed! That is why I created...

"The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Modeling
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  1. Avoiding scams and cons...never get taken advantage of!

This is the Breakthrough Information that You've Been Waiting for. Become a Model and Make Great Money Doing What You Love

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I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!


Jennifer Autry - “America's Top Modeling Coach”

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Attention: Male and Female Models:

Want To Become A Model But Don’t Have Money For A Modeling School?

No Problem!
Read On To Find Out How You Can Fast Start Your Modeling Career, Land An Agent, and Get Booked As A Professional Model

From the Desk of: Jennifer Autry

Dear Model:

Do you dream of becoming a successful model but have no idea where to start? The great news is that you have come to the right place!

My name is Jennifer Autry, and I am America’s Top Modeling Coach.

I have been a successful, professional model for the last 20 years. I have traveled all over Europe as a professional model and I have been featured on magazine covers, in print campaigns, numerous editorial layouts, billboards, television commercials and runway shows.

I have learned what it takes to really make it in this business, and I have spent the last year putting together the most comprehensive system to get YOU started modeling the fast, smart, and safe way. Before I tell you about the system, let me ask you a question...

What Are You Doing To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition?

Virtually every single person who has achieved great success in their career had someone who taught them what they needed to know.

Many celebrities like Brice Dallas Howard (daughter of Director/Actor Ron Howard) and Carmit Bachar of the band the Pussycat Dolls credit a mentor with giving them the knowledge they needed to succeed, given them the know-how that could only come from the experience of someone who had walked the path before them.

A Warning To New Models

If you attempt to start a career in modeling without good, solid advice from a professional, you can waste years of effort and fall prey to the seedy underworld of con artists who take advantage of young people and destroy lives. I will help you avoid the pitfalls and traps most aspiring models fall victim to.

Recently, I was at an audition for a modeling job, and I met a girl who was not new to the modeling world, but was new to modeling in the U.S. We got to talking, and I found out that she was about to pay over $8000 dollars for a photography portfolio that a modeling school convinced her she needed!

I immediately intervened, counseling her on the proper way to build a proper portfolio without spending a penny! She ended up following my advice and a few month's later when I ran into her again, she had built an amazing portfolio that was getting her consistent work, and it did not cost her a dime.

How Much Money Can You Make As A Model?

There is no set salary for modeling. Usually your agent is negotiating the rates. Since they make a commission on that rate they want to get as much for you as they can. Every market is a little different, every job is different, and every model is different, so that leaves a lot of room for the rate to vary.

Some jobs will pay hourly, while others will be day rates (a day is generally considered eight to nine hours). Sometimes you’ll have jobs that have bonuses or residuals, so that’s extra money on top of the time it took to actually do the job. For example...